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The Origins of Really Bad Portraits!

Hi! My name is Bel and I am the creator, owner and artist of Really Bad Portraits. 
I have always loved to draw. However, it wasn’t until I drew a “funny portrait” of a friend that the seed for Really Bad Portraits was planted! 
It was December 2019, when I said to my friend jokingly, “I should start a Facebook page drawing silly portraits.” And she said “Yes!” So, I set up my page and began drawing portraits for family, friends and friends of friends. 
A couple of weeks later my friend said I should start charging $5 a portrait. I was hesitant at first, but did so and from there, the orders started rolling in. Fast forward 19 months and I have drawn almost 3000 portraits. They have been ridiculous, rude and disgusting but I know I have provided many people with laughs. Especially when so many were in lockdown last year. 
If you look at my earliest portraits, you can see my drawing style has definitely developed and changed 😂 That is the beauty of my portraits - How “bad” they are is completely up to the individual customer! 
If you have not seen my social media pages I would definitely recommend heading over and checking them out - You will be in for a ride and a laugh! 

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